If you have an amazing idea, this is the innovation challenge for you.

Open to 14-18 year-olds anywhere in Canada, Ingenious+ is an opportunity to secure at least $1,000 for your innovative ideas plus mentorship and learning opportunities. 

Make sure to sign up now so you’ll be notified when the application period opens this November. We’ll be sharing the full details about how and when to apply, as well as this year’s challenge themes to help you prepare your application. 

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What is Ingenious+?

Ingenious+ gives young innovators the chance to start realizing their ideas through financial support and learning opportunities. Applicants will be able to apply via written or video submissions, so they have the flexibility to describe their innovative projects.  

Coming soon, we’ll share the new themes for 2022 and important dates and deadlines for submissions and judging periods. 

What counts as an innovation?

Innovation is about doing something better to make an impact. This includes improving upon a product, service, or process, or creating something new that solves a problem or makes the world a better place. 

Tell us what you hope to solve or improve in your community or beyond, and you could receive financial support, learning opportunities and mentorship from leading Canadian innovators! 

Want to get inspired?

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