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Eligibility and dates

Young people anywhere in Canada 14 to 18 years of age who are innovating to solve real-world problems. Contest opens October 2021 — Scroll down to sign up to receive more information.


Regional cash prizes of $1,000 plus mentorship. National cash prizes plus mentorship from leading innovators: 1st place $10,000, 2nd place $7,500, 3rd place $5,000.


Canadians have already developed innovative ways for us to lead healthier, longer lives while also coming up with ingenious ways to protect our environment. We’re asking young Canadians to find new or improved ways of addressing the many challenges facing the health of our population and our planet. Every small change can make a difference.
Some ideas to get you thinking
  • What new ways can young people in my community encourage physical activity?
  • Are there new approaches to monitoring and encouraging responsible consumption and waste reduction?
  • Is there a medical issue that I can help solve?
  • Can I develop a solution to help with food insecurity?


Canadians have always been good at embracing change and adapting new ways of doing things. Invention breaks down silos, eliminates distance and helps connect people and places in new and exciting ways.
Some ideas to get you thinking
  • Is there old-school knowledge that can be repurposed to make a better world now?
  • How can we make living with a disability easier?
  • Is there a new way to promote gaining an education?
  • Do I have a great idea for improving my favourite sport?


Being fair matters to Canadians. They speak openly about their desire for a country that is both smart and caring. In the desire to find better ways of treating each other, we are looking to young Canadians to devise innovations that can make Canada, and the world, a kinder, more inclusive place.
Some ideas to get you thinking
  • What solutions can you think of to social or economic challenges in your community?
  • How can we help homeless people feel less lonely and safer?
  • Can we make everyone feel like they are part of the community?
  • Are there new ways to improve the lives of newcomers as they settle into our communities?

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About the Initiative

Powered by the Rideau Hall Foundation in partnership with JA Canada, ingenious+ is a national youth innovation prize with a strong regional and community focus. The goal is to give students aged 14 to 18 the opportunity to innovate for good, and to share their strategies to address problems at home, across Canada, and around the world.

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