All entries will be evaluated using the following evaluation criteria:

Problem or Opportunity Being Addressed (5 points): 

  • Clear and compelling description of the problem or opportunity. 
  • Justification for why the innovation project is needed. 

Solution (10 points): 

  • Submission is an innovation* 
  • Clear and concise explanation of the innovation. 
  • Demonstrates a unique and creative solution. 
Ingenious+ Youth Innovation Challenge Awards Ceremony — Rideau Hall Foundation. Thursday May 18, 2023.

Research Done (5 points): 

Awareness of Landscape and Existing Solutions (5 Points): 

Expected Impact (10 points): 

Feasibility of Implementing the Innovation (5 points): 

Collaboration (5 points): 

Plans For Use of Award (5 points): 

*Definition of Innovation 

Innovation is something different that has impact. It might be improving upon or innovating a product, service, or process, or creating something new that solves a problem or makes the world a better place.  

The project should be advanced beyond the idea or concept stage and have demonstrated that it has been put into action. Projects do not have to be full-fledged innovations, commercialized or have the ability to monetize, e.g., social or community innovations may have different valuable impacts. 


How can I participate?

Check your eligibility and explore the site for inspiration.