All entries will be evaluated using the following evaluation criteria:

Problem or Opportunity Being Addressed – 5 points 

  • The entrant/team describes the problem they want to solve or the opportunity for improvement that they want to accomplish – why do this innovation project? 

Solution – 10 points

  • The entrant/team describes their innovation clearly and concisely – what exactly is the innovation? 

Research Done – 5 points

Expected Impact – 10 points

Feasibility of Implementing the Innovation – 10 points

Collaboration – 5 points

Plans For Use of Award – 5 points 

Please note: while Ingenious+ invites you to provide additional information about your innovation that might make the submission more clear to the judges, such as videos, presentations, articles, the innovation itself is still judged on the listed criteria.

How can I participate?

Check your eligibility and explore the site for inspiration.